Great New Prototyping Tool – Indigo Studio

Jun 14, 2013


Indigo Studio We've recently begun using Indigo Studio to rapidly create interactive wireframes (or "click-ups" as we call them) for our projects. Released in November of 2012, Indigo Studio allows developers and product managers to quickly wire-frame screens using a nice assortment of common elements (input fields, menus, buttons, etc). You can then assign behaviors to each element that can call other screens, run animations, and more. In the end, you can generate an interactive HTML wire-frame model of your application with the option to download it or publish to the Indigo servers for sharing.

The Indigo Studio tool allows our team to provide more interactive and targeted wire-frames to our clients quickly and without additional cost to their project. At Jabico we are constantly on the hunt for new tools and frameworks that allow us to provide more value to our clients - Indigo Studio is a great example of this. For more information, visit Indigo Studio

Tags Wireframes